Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June's Book Recommendations

How to Talk to Girls, by Alec Greven

This book is for guys who are maybe a bit shy or don’t know what to say to a girl.

This book is by a 9 year old boy who has taken observations from his school about how things work out.

This book shows the basics on how to act around girls in order to make better connections.

I recommend this to 11- 100+ year olds that have a “crush” on someone, because it helps to find out whether you are doing the right thing or not.

By C.W.

Wemberly Worried, by Kevin Henkes

This book is about a mouse that worried about everything. My favourite character is Wemberly because she had a creative imagination. I like this book because Wemberly made a friend at school. You should read this book if you are worried about anything.

By G.B.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June Book Recommendations

The Complete Adventures of Curious George

Curious George is a cute and curious little monkey. He lives with the man with the yellow hat, who is somehow like his “father”.

George likes finding out new things and is therefore experimenting a lot. Most of the time, his good thoughts end in a disaster. But at the end, everything is fine again.

I like this book a lot because it is written in a funny, easy to understand way. I recommend this book for children ages 6 and up.

Recommended by L.H.

Insect Invaders  by Joanna Cole

Series: Magic School Bus

This book is about a trip of Ms. Frizzle's class.

I like this book because it says a lot of real stuff about insects. It's a good source of information on insects and spiders! It shows how insects hunt each other. On the trip the kids and the Friz (Ms. Frizzle) turn into dragonflies, the bus turns into a beetle, a spider and more cool stuff like this.

There are interesting facts for example in some parts of the world dragonflies are a delicacy.

The book's a real chapter book.

I recommend this book for 7 years of age and infinity more years.

By T

June's Book Recommendations

The Tale of Despereaux
By Kate DiCamillo

This is a story divided into four books about a mouse, a rat and girl who all wish to be different from who they really are.

The first book is about a mouse named Despreaux, who is very small with huge ears. He wants to be a brave knight and rescue a princess. He does things a normal mouse wouldn’t do, like reads books instead of eating them, listens to music and speaks to the Princess named Pea. He falls in love with Pea and as a punishment for speaking to a human, he is sent down to the dungeon for the rats to eat him.

The second book is the story about a rat named Roscuro who lives in a deep, dark dungeon but dreams of living in a world with light and kindness.  When he finally escapes from the dungeon he makes a terrible mistake. This incident makes the Princess look at the rat like he is a worthless, filthy rodent which breaks Roscuro’s heart.  He retreats back to the dungeon realizing he will be nothing more than a disgusting rat.

The third book is about Miggery Sow, a girl whose mother died and her father sold her for a red tablecloth, a hen and a handful of cigarettes. And she wishes that she could be a princess more then anything in the world. 

The fourth and last book is about the relationships each character has with each other and how they become who they really are.

This book is recommended for children 9 and up.

By S.C.

Daisy, the Forgetful Bunny

This story is about a little bunny called Daisy. Daisy is living with her friends Rocky, Fern and Bramble. Daisy is so forgetful that she even forgets her own birthday!! Once she forgot the food for the bunnies picnic! I like this story because I think it is funny that Daisy even forgets her own birthday!

I would recommend this book for children from 4 to 7.

By A.L.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

May's Book Recommendations

Roscoe Riley Rules 
#1Never Glue Your Friends To Chairs
By Katherine Applegate

This book is the first in a series about a boy named Roscoe Riley.  He is in the first grade. His favorite food is blue M&Ms and his favorite sport is bed jumping. His favorite color is rainbow.  Roscoe is a good kid but always seems to find himself in trouble, for example, gluing his friends to chairs with super-mega-gonzo-glue so they will stop wiggling. 

I recommend this book because it is funny and exciting and you always want to know what happens to Roscoe.

This book is a great read for 7-9 year olds.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February's Book Club

Rescue of Emma Strawberryred (Original title “Ruby the Red Fairy”) by Daisy Meadows

Emma  Strawberryred is a little rainbow fairy. She is as cute as a butterfly. The cruel magician Jack Frost has cursed the rainbow land. One morning Emma wakes up and finds her 6 sisters are gone. Emma and her two human friends Kathy and Mona must find them because the 7 sisters need to be reunited to rescind the curse.

This book is interesting because it has lots of surprises in it, and it is not so hard to read. I recommend this book for children aged from 8 to 10.

Recommendation by LH 

The Robber Hotzenplotz

This story is about a Grandmother, her grandson Kasperl, his friend Seppel and the evil Mr. Robber Hotzenplotz and his friend, the evil Mr. Magician Petrosilius Zackleman. One day grandmother was sitting on her garden bench grinding coffee, when suddenly a funny man called Hotzenplotz stood beside her. `Give that coffee mill to me, do you hear!` screamed Hotzenplotz. He held his pistol towards Grandmother. She sighed and gave Hotzenplotz her coffee mill. What could she do? All people in town were afraid of the robber. Find out all the adventures of Seppel and Kasperl. I like this book because it is about Petrosilius Zackleman and I like magicians. This book makes a great read aloud for children aged 7 and above.
Book recommendation by A.

George's Secret Key to the Universe
By: Lucy & Stephen Hawking

In this story George the main character has an adventure about outer-space.

The adventure starts when he loses Freddy, his pig. Soon on the way searching for Freddy he finds a friend whose name is Annie. Annie lives next door of his house. The most powerful computer in the world called “Cosmos” belongs to the father of Annie called “Eric”. It turns out to be the secret-key to the universe. Cosmos has some opinions and emotions. At the end Cosmos, George, Annie and Annie's-mother end up saving Eric's life.

This story has friendship and evil things.

This book includes real photos of interesting outer-space stuff, the photos also have information to them.

I recommend this book for: Ages in years 7 - infinity

The Westing Game, by Ellen Raskin

Weird things start to happen when 16 people come to read the will of Samuel W. Westing. The will turns out to be game, and Sam Westing claims he was murdered by one of the 16 people. Nobody knows why the “game loving millionaire” has chosen a bunch of strangers (and the murderer) to try to inherit his fortune. Will Sam Westing pull off the ultimate game even though he’s dead?

This book is very complex and has lots of twists and turns.

Recommended for ages 10 and up.

The Story of London by Richard Brassey
I like the book because it has pictures like comics but it is a true story about London.
I can learn many things about London in the book. It has got colourful pictures and nice colours.
The book is for everybody who wants to find out more about London. It goes from the Romans to the second World War and even further.

The Romans arrived, looked around, took over London and built the first London Bridge and called it Londinium. The Romans left by 410 AD. Then the Saxons came there. They were farmers and the city meant nothing to them. The Danes (from Denmark) took over London in 1013 But the Saxon King and King Olav of Norway threw them out.
Edward the Confessor built Westminster Abbey, then he died in the year 1066. A few months later William the Conqueror came over from France to invade England. He killed Edward's successor Harold and had himself crowned at Westminster. To impress the local people William the Conqueror built 3 castles in the City: The tower of London, the Hall at Westminster and St Paul's Cathedral.

In the Middle Ages London became a big trading centre. In 1348 the Black Death arrived and killed many people. In 1665 started the Great Plague and there were 80'000 dead in London. London was a ghost town, even the King stayed away. 1666 the Great Fire of London destroyed everything and 100'000 homeless. The streets were widened and the houses made of bricks.

1854 Dr Snow noticed that all the victims of Cholera drew water from the same well. The river was dirty from the waste but they made long pipes to the ocean and then it went into the ocean and didn't stink anywhere and the people got less sick.

From 1800 it could get bigger because of the fast and cheap ways of getting around in the city. The underground railway opened in the 1890s.

In World War 1 an anti aircraft gun on the tower bridge shot a hole in the tower by mistake. After World War 2 there was a lot of smog. People were travelling to a better place from Africa and the Caribbean. People wanted the city to be better for different things like seeing more old buildings. London was a big city with lots of culture - things like museums, there were an opera and the national theatre.

You will like this book when you read it. There are a lot of nice details in it.

Book recommendation by DN

The Joshua Files, by M.G. Harris

The Joshua Files is about a boy, named Josh, whose father dies in an air crash in Mexico.

Was it just a sad accident? The mystery begins when the plane is discovered miles of course. Josh is then pulled into a fast paced adventure involving ancient Mayan secrets.

I liked this book because of all the suspense and realistic action. This is a great book for ages 9-13.

These books are a trilogy so there are three books, Invisible City, Ice Shock and Zero Moment.

I can't wait to read the third one now! The adventure has really captured my imagination.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

December's Book Club

The Black Hand Gang and the Mysterious House

The Black Hand Gang is a group of children. They live next to an old and empty house. One day, they saw a man running out of the house carrying a suitcase. Then something funny fell out of the suitcase. When the children picked it up, they found out that they were two stamps. But something was missing on one of the stamps. This was the beginning of a great adventure chasing criminals. It makes a great read aloud for children aged 7 and above.

I like this book because the story is full of suspense and there are pictures with questions for the reader.

Recommendation by A.

Friday, December 11, 2009

December's Book Club

Title: Stellaluna

Author: Janell Cannon

Main character: A female Fruit bat called Stellaluna.

At first Stellaluna is still a baby and can't fly. As her mother flies out Stellaluna holds on to her. They get separated when an owl tries to grab Stellaluna. Stellaluna falls into the forest below. In the forest below she falls into a bird nest which is occupied. She learns the way of the birds because they take care of her. They become friends. She learns to fly. One day she gets lost in the night because she doesn't know that she can see in the dark. She just hangs off a branch with her thumbs and falls asleep. A bit later she gets found by her mother. And she realizes that bats are so different to birds. But she still is friends with the birds.

I think that this book is about friendship and learning ways of other creatures.

I like this book because the birds are friendly to Stellaluna and it's nice when they learn from each other.

If you you are interested in bats this book has some information about them.

I recommend this book for people of age: close to 6 and above.

Recommended by T